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· Saving Kids’ Lives in Papua
· Congo Road Trip
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· Video: Typhoon Haiyan
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Pip Etherington taking the temperature of a young patient.
Pip Etherington taking the
temperature of a young patient.
Photo by Daniel Perez.

Saving Kids' Lives in Papua

Paul and Pip Etherington, missionaries with Pioneers in Papua for over 20 years, were on a trip to a nearby city when they heard the terrible news that a sickness was sweeping through their little village of Kobakma. The only other health staff had already fled the village after threats of violence from a man desperate for medicine.

The illness, according to a report received by MAF, was particularly contagious among infants and young children.

Three children died within three days.

Congo Road Trip

There are two options for getting from Vanga to Kinshasa rather than taking the hour and a half MAF flight:

The first was the usual way the Congolese make the trip: take a transport SUV 75 km south to the nearest city, Kikwit. Next, look for an express van or bus going to Kinshasa. They would leave the following day for Kinshasa, making this option a two or more day trip. Read More...

Grasslands of the Congo
Grasslands of the Congo.


 KODIAK Dedication Ceremony, April 5th at 10:30 a.m. at the Sun 'n Fun Airshow

Please pray for these new MAF candidates and consider joining their support team:
Eric & Hannah Bell (assigned to serve Indonesia),
Phil & Jessica Vana (assigned to serve Indonesia), and
  Grady & Holly Nace (assigned to serve Africa)


Video: Typhoon Haiyan


MAF Advocates


Did You Know?


Thank you for supporting MAF in providing relief during Typhoon Haiyan
Watch video (5:13 sec) »

After Typhoon Haiyan, MAF partnered with New Tribes Mission and Helimission to respond to the needs of people living in some of the more isolated islands. The combined relief effort totaled:
367 hours,
595 flights,
183,181 lbs. of cargo delivered, and
287 passengers flown.

Join our team of MAF Advocates and share the ministry of MAF with friends, family, churches, and others in your community.

Call 800-359-7623 or email advocatewing@maf.org to learn how to become an MAF Advocate.

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