A Look Back at 2013

Mission Aviation Fellowship
2013 : A Year In Review
In 2013, the lives of real people were changed through Mission Aviation Fellowship. Remote communities received Bibles in their own languages for the first time. Church leaders were trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people. Children received life-saving medical care. Wells, building materials, schools, teachers, missionaries, and doctors brought hope to isolated places across the world!

Following are some examples of the kind of impact MAF had.
Health Intervention Projects

"Our health intervention projects are in some of the hardest to reach corners of the DRC. MAF is an important partner for us as we deliver health care to over 8 million people."

Dr. Larry Sthreshley, Congo Director for IMA World Health


"You have done so much to get us all around Papua so that the Ngalik Old Testament translation can go forward. HIV and AIDS awareness can be taught, soccer coaching and discipleship teaching can happen, and pastor's retreats can be held. Thank you, MAF, for your partnership in building the Kingdom here in Papua."

HIV/AIDS Education

Buzz and Myrna Maxey, missionaries with Christian and Missionary Alliance

2013 : A Year In Review Video

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Before you go, here's a video that highlights the difference MAF made in 2013.


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