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Howdy Ministerio,

It's been a while! We hope you are enjoying 2014 so far. First off, thank you for all your support this past year! We could not do what we do without you!

2014 has already been a busy year at MAF as we prepare to reach even more isolated people with Christ’s love!

For the next few weeks, we are taking a look back at 2013 and seeing the ways MAF, together with faithful partners like you, made a big difference around the world.

Please help us get the word out so even more people can be involved with MAF’s work!


2013: A Year in Review

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#YouHelped transform lives in 2013! http://bit.ly/Nb2auf TWEET »
Watch this video to see what #YouHelped MAF accomplish in 2013! bit.ly/Nb2auf TWEET »
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In 2013, @maf_us made 27,740 landings. That would be like landing at every US airport twice. #YouHelped TWEET »
@maf_us flew 2,613,737 miles in 2013. That’s like flying to the moon and back ... 5 times! #YouHelped TWEET »

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